About Tuvya Cohen

Manchester born Sofer attended  local schools, YHS – Prestwich Jewish Day School, MMJGS – Manchester Jewish Grammar School.

Yeshiva L’Zeririm – Manchester

Sunderland Yeshiva – Gateshead

Mir Yeshiva – Yerusholaim (Jerusalem) – Israel

Strong eye for perfection, Ensuring perfection always.

Certified as a Sofer in 2015 and updated in 2020 with Va’ad Mishmeres Hastam – Bnei Brak – Israel

Living in Prestwich with wife and three children supplying Safrus and Judaica supplies to the public.

We arrange training for other Sofrim, both experienced Sofrim and amateurs to improve the standards available for the consumer.

Ensuring that all of our products are 100% Kosher, top quality and are cross examined by other Sofrim besides the Sofer that wrote it.

We also available for checking Safrus products that you have already to ensure that it is still Kosher.

tuvia certified scribe

Why choose us

All of our Mezuzos, Tefillin and other supplies are written according to every Halocho which is mentiones in the Shulchan Oruch, Mishna Berura and the Keseses HaSofer.

Our aim is to always supply Kosher Safrus supplies that is why everything that we sell is cross checked by at least 1 other Sofer besides the Sofer that wrote it.

All of our supplies from Eretz Israel has also been manually checked by 3 Sofrim and computer checked to ensure that our standards are upheld – always.

Ensuring the Kashrus of all our supplies is what we stand for.

All of our products are written according to the Shulchan Oruch, Kesses Hasofer and Mishna Berura

Quality has always been at our core.

Our cheaper range has been sourced from Eretz Yisroel – Israel computer checked in Eretz Yisroel – Israel and again manually in Prestwich, Manchester.

Our higher range of Tefillin and Mezuzos are written on the best quality Klaf, Klaf Nefarstark. The best ink Deyoi Nehari using a quill from a turkey. Cross checked by a qualified local Sofer.

All of our products are written according to the Shulchan Oruch, Kesses Hasofer and Mishna Berura

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