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  • Local Prestwich, Greater Manchester UK based certified Sofer – Soferstam (religious scribe). Qualified by the “Vaad Mishmeres Hastam (Bnei Brak – Israel)” and the “Vaad Mishmeres Hastam UK” (London April 2022, Nissan 5782).
  • Everything carefully written according to the Halocho as described in the Mishna Berura and Kesses HaSofer .
  • Selling a range of Safrus and Judaica products.
  • From Mezuzos (Mezuzot) scrolls to Tefillin (phylacteries). Megillos to Sifrei Torah (Sefer Torah).
  • All our Safrus supplies are 100% Kosher and have been cross examined by other certified Sofrim to ensure that they are up to the standard that you expect, 100% Kosher.
  • See what you are buying. Come and visit us and examine products before buying any product.
  • Watch your Tefillin being put together, examine the Parshios, or watch on Zoom.
  • Compare what you are buying with other ranges of products – at our office.
  • Available for checking and repair of all Safrus requirements. Including Sifrei Torah, Mezuzos, Tefillin, and Tefillin Battim
  • Help and coaching other Sofrim on their journey towards qualification and practice.

About Tuvya Cohen

Local Sofer living with wife and three children supplying Safrus and Judaica supplies to the public.
Ensuring that all of our products are 100% Kosher, top quality and are cross examined by other Sofrim besides the Sofer that wrote it.
We also available for checking and repair of all Safrus products (where permitted according to the Halocho), that you have already to ensure that it is still Kosher.